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About us

We have a vast experience in the property market, initially in London, where we were developer from the mid 80’s

in 2002 we moved to the beautiful village of Mijas, and been here ever since.

A good knowledge of the local market is essential, and that’s why we specialise  in the marketing of local properties.

Whether they are for rent (long term or short) or for sale, Local knowledge will help us to keep prices realistic, and it is always the Market that dictate prices.

Property management is a specialty, dealing with owners or clients with the main objective is to keep both parties HAPPY.

Prompt service is what we all want. Nothing wrong with the Manana mentality, (Manana = Not today) and that’s why we love Spain, but not when it comes to sorting out a problem , from leaking tap, to a hot water boiler that does not work, if they need to get sorted, then they will get our prompt attention.


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